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Computer Science 1

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This is my webpage for Computer Science 1 where we
are learning C#. This is my first year of GITA. It can be
challenging at times, but I still have fun with it.

Goodbye Program


This project helps you to figure out how to say "goodbye" in six different languages.

About Page


This project allows you to learn about my made-up company. You can learn change the color and the font as well.

Mailing Label


In this program, you can put in your address and name, and have the system organize a mailing label for you.

Car Rental


For Car Rental, you put in how long you have rented a car, and the program will figure out how much you owe.

BMI Calculator


This program tells you your BMI based off of what you put in for your height and weight.

Car Rental Upgrade


This is the upgraded version of Car Rental. You can choose which car you would like to rent and for how long, and the program will tell you how much you owe based off of that information.

Test Program


For this program, you plug in two different test grades. It will tell you what the letter grade is for both, and determine which test grade is the highest.

Dice Roll


The Dice Roll rolls two dice which generate random numbers. The program adds the two random numbers together and tell you how many times you have rolled those sums.

Vegas Craps Game


This program is from a famous game. It's an upgraded version of the Dice Roll porgram.

Shirt Sales


Shirt Sales is a program where you can order different sized shirts and styles from a company called "Very Very Boards".

Slot Machine


In this project we created a slot machine where 5 pictures appear randomly, and if a specific set of pictures pop up, you win a jackpot.

Rock Paper Scissors


This is the infamous Rock, Paper, Scissors game, but through a computer program. There can only be two players, and the program also keeps track of how many times each player has won.



This program has a fish move left and right through its tank. The program keeps track how many times it bumps into each side of the tank and how many times the fish moves.

Fish 2D


This project is similar to the "Fish" program. The fish has more room to move around, but it has a shark that tries to eat it. The program also keeps track of how many times the shark and fish bump on the sides of the tank.

NCAA Football


This project gives you more information about the SoFi Hawaii Bowl Game. The two schools that are playing are the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors and the BYU Cougars. This project gives you information about their school and bowl game history.

Tic Tac Toe


This is the classic Tic Tac Toe game. The goal of the game is to get your letter 3 times in a row.



In this program, you can input a number into 5 different textboxes, and receive a different series of numbers from each one.

Basic AI


In Basic AI, you can move a mouse away from a cat which is trying to kill it. The mouse can shoot bullets.

Star Field


For Star Field, this program uses arrays and randomness to display stars as if you were traveling through space.

Fish Aquarium


In this program, there are 20 fish moving randomly inside of a fish tank. A shark and boat attempt to catch and eat the fish that are moving throughout the tank.

Integer Array


There are two parts of this project. In the first half, you can generate any certain amount of numbers you'd like ranging from 1 to 5,000. In the second half, you can generate 5,000 random numbers ranging from 1 to 5,000. It will also generate a random number to try and find in the array.

Test Score Histogram


This program generates 100 random different grades. They all range from 1 percent to 100 percent. The program then separates these numbers into a label, which keep track of how many are in each letter grade. The numbers are represented by astericks.



This is a video game where an aiplane is dropping bombs on your player that has to dodge them. Every time the bomb hits your character, it loses health. You have to shoot back at the airplane in order to win the game.

Culinary Chaos


This is my final project for GITA 1. It's a cooking game with 9 different recipes to choose from. You can also select 1 of 10 players avaliable and they all have access to 1 of 3 cookbooks I made. You bake and cook different dishes and the rating of your chef is dependant on how fast you can complete the recipe.