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Business Card


Tech Page

Here is my business card that has information about GITA! This includes my logo and a QR code to my website.

This project is about various common misconceptions on the coronovirus.

Here is a program about the Roybi Robot and includes the usage of image rollovers!



Dice Roll

This is webpage that allows you to order GITA merchandise. The program calculates your total, uses radio buttons, checkboxes, and calculates the average sales as well.

Here is a program that explains how to make chocolate chip oatmeal cookies!

This program generates two random numbers ranging from 1-6. The numbers are added together and tell you how many times you have rolled this sum of numbers and determine the probability you'll roll the same sum again.


Vegas Craps Game

Circle Bounce

This is a project where I used absolute positioning to make a collage of my favorite things!

This is the infamous Vegas Craps Game! It's a game based on randomness.

This is a quick animation of two randomly placed balls bouncing around the screen. If they touch each other, they'll be stuck to each other and bounce around the screen together.

Invader Climb



The Invader project is a little space invader that moves left, right, and upwards. If it touches the sides of the walls, it loses. But if it gets to the top, it wins!

This program is the classic pong game! You use a paddle to make sure the ball doesn't reach your goal. The player plays against AI and the ball slowly speeds up over time.

Here is a little game where you have to move a character in four different directions to get away from an enemy. You can also shoot the enemy in order to win the game.

Circle Bounce Upgrade

Tank Upgrade

Cyber Safety

Here is an upgrade of the original "Circle Bounce" project. Circles of different shapes, colors, and speeds bounce around the screen while a square tries to get rid of them.

This is an upgrade of the original "Tank" project. This time, five different enemies with three lives try to kill your player.

This is a small website that Lauren Sanchez and I made, which talks about phishing and identity theft.


Number Array

Helicopter is a game that includes a helicopter flying around trying to avoid crashing into birds. This is a short program that generates 100 random numbers, sorts them from highest to lowest, finds the average, and removes the odd numbers.